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Store FAQ

What forms of payment does this website accept?

We accept most major credit cards that get processed securely through Stripe. We do not use any other payment processor like PayPayl, Square, etc at this moment, but we will consider it in the future.

When will I receive my order?

Fulfillment of items may take 2-7 days before they get shipped out. You can expect another 4 days of travel time for the parcel to arrive at your door. Choosing “Express shipping” at checkout may expeditite your order to your door, but since these packages do not contain Live Fish, you can probably forgo the “express shipping” option.

Please take note that multiple items may be received in seperate packages at seperate times. Shipping times may vary due to outside forces and holidays.

How do I track my order?

You should receive an email with your tracking information after it gets shipped out. Unfortunately, we do not have any method at this time to track it on our website at this time. If you lost you shipping email or didn’t receive it, feel free to email me at

How do you produce your orders?

We rely on a few printing partners who have the professional equipment and experience to finalize our work onto your product(s) that is both high quality and long-lasting.

Why did I receive my order in multiple shipments?

We utilize multiple printing partners to produce the products we have available. They are not all under the same roof and have to ship them out seperately to you. We strive to pick the highest quality while maintaining a lower cost for you and often that requires us to choose different partners for different products.  We will try our best to try to consolidate orders as much as we can.

What happens if there is a printing error or the quality of the print isn't good?

We understand that sometimes printing errors occur and we would love to hear about them as well as your feedback. Please reach out to us at with what’s wrong with the order along with photos of the defect. We will try our best to get it replaced as quickly as possible. Feel free to check out our refund policy page for more information.