Production Procedure

I would love to provide a variety of different products for you to choose from. Unfortunately, I cannot always find the perfect solution for every single individual on every product. Personally, I would love to stick with 100% American suppliers, but that is not always feasible. 

Our Model

The model of business I utilize is called “Print on Demand “ that means that I have no minimum order quantity, which can be a huge barrier and very costly. My goal of running this shop was originally to supply T-shirts that could be purchased as close to $20 or less including shipping, which is why I have excluded certain print partners that are commonly utilized. I am constantly researching to find the best solution for this store.


For the time being, Aquarium Thoughts has print partners in USA, Australia, UK, the EU, and China. The shipping time is super quick usually and the ability to print one at a time is so much of a game changer for us.


I would love to setup my own shop with my own equipment and with your support that gets a bit more realistic with every sale. A printer for these costs upwards of 30k. So one day it can be 100% produced in-home. Even if I had the money, I would still need to research and figure out the feasibility of the process.


Using Print on Demand, I can offer you a variety of products and designs. Also, it allows me to be willing to offer simple customization requests from anyone. If you want a certain design changed/altered or a different shirt color available, I am willing to take requests by email at which is not something I can guarantee but I will always try my best to fulfill.


It is not my intention to send out cheap and crappy items. I try my best to obtain samples from as many things as I can to do quality checks. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy every single item out there without increasing costs. Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think about any product that you purchase. You can either leave a review on the product page or email me at

In Conclusion

I hope that you can find something that you will love and enjoy. 

If you choose to buy from Aquarium Thoughts, you are supporting an American Fishkeeper and Fishtuber.